Winning Film Festivals

Secrets to Entering and Winning Film Festivals

Although there is no guaranteed way to win in film festivals, you can increase your chances of entering and winning the film festivals by following a few things filmmakers generally overlook, to their own detriment. Here are some secrets to entering and winning film festivals:

A Short Film Can Be More Powerful Than a Lengthy Film

Usually, filmmakers have a lot to say, and they end up making films that span for a long duration. However, if you know how to condense the message you want to share and make an impactful short film that lasts for about 20-25 minutes, you can get easily accepted. However, try not to compromise on the quality of the film when it comes to the editing process.

Short Film

Don’t Rush the Process

Many filmmakers make the grave mistake of finishing their work soon so that they can submit it to film festivals in time. They may even send works-in-progress. However, it is better to be fully confident in what you have done.

By rushing the process, you are less likely to beat the competition. For instance, you will need to ensure that the sound mixing and editing are done right. Even if you have a film with excellent cinematography and dialogue, you are less likely to be accepted or appreciated if you don’t demonstrate enough proficiency in sound design.

Do Not Underestimate Small Film Festivals!

You will find most filmmakers with their fingers crossed, hoping that their work gets accepted into the top 5 film festivals. They usually submit their work early in hopes of getting in but still experience disappointment because of the level of competition.

They often overlook the power of small film festivals. Make sure to do your research, and you are sure to find many small film festivals that will be suitable for the content and theme of your film. Your high-quality work can be recognized and appreciated in these small film festivals, and you can win many awards as well.

Have a Unique Hook

It’s all about standing out in the crowd of filmmakers. You will need to be inventive and make your short film in a way that will impress the programmers at the film festival. Make sure to be careful about the wording in the titles and descriptions of your short film. Film programmers detest clichés, and they look for something that is authentic. Hence, you must have something impactful and personal to say in your work.

Unique Hook

Attend Plenty of Film Festivals

Lastly, your work doesn’t just end with your film getting accepted into the film festival. Make sure to attend as many as you can and carry your business cards with you! You will find plenty of amazing opportunities for networking and learning about the field. You also get to attend plenty of after-parties and have a memorable time.

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