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Prepare Your Pitch: Tips for Aceing the Indie Film Auditions

You’ve got your headshots and resume, but now it’s time to put your skills on display. Auditions are one of the most important steps in becoming a working actor, so you must know how to ace them. If you want the best chance at getting cast in an indie film, follow these tips for preparing yourself for the big moment:

Know the Part Before You Get There

If you are going to audition for an independent film, it’s important to know the part before you get there.

Read the script at least twice and memorize your lines.

Know the character’s motivation and backstory. Why are they doing what they’re doing? How did they get to this point in their lives? What have events in their past shaped who they are as a person?


Know how your character relates with other characters in the film and how those relationships develop throughout the story.  Make sure that reading through these scenes feels natural; if it doesn’t, go back over them until it does!

Do Your Research

You’ve already done the work and sent in your audition. Now it’s time to prepare for the day of the audition. As you sit in the waiting room with other actors, there will be some who are getting ready and others who are still trying to figure out what they’re doing there.

Don’t be one of those people! If you want to ace your indie film audition, research beforehand so you can come prepared to wow everyone on set.

Always Be Prepared

When you appear for an audition, you must be prepared to nail it. You’ve already done your homework and know your lines, so now’s the time to focus on bringing life and energy to the character through your performance.

Use Your Resources

Make use of your network. The best way to get information about casting calls is from people you know and trust, whether those are friends who are actors or industry professionals. Ask your community to find out what’s happening in the field.

Social media can be a great resource for finding out about new projects, so ensure you’re following relevant accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks that aren’t just filled with pictures of cats or memes.

Visualize Yourself in the Role

This is a powerful tool for getting into character. Visualization helps you prepare for the audition and get your mind and body ready to be put on camera.


Visualization is a great way to develop your acting skills, too! You can use visualization, from memorizing lines to imagining how your character would behave in different situations.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Remember that everyone is unique, just like you. Everyone has a different background, personality and style—what makes them special. There are no perfect personalities or performances out there—and if there were, they would become repetitive very quickly!

Don’t let nerves get you down — remember that everyone has to go through this process at some point in their careers (even if they don’t realize it). If you put in the time and effort needed for preparation, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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