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What’s the purpose of film festivals in the 21st century

We must have seen the staff work tirelessly for the annual film festival. But, seeing the stress of organizing the event, we might often ask why they are investing time and effort in organizing such a stressful event. Is it worth all the time that is invested in it? If you are trying to find answers to these questions, you may look into this article to learn the importance of film festivals in the 21st century.

Taking independent cinema to the audience

Today, most of the general public’s taste in movies is twisted and shaped by marketing messages. These marketing messages about mainstream movies dictate the public’s decisions and choices. But the films shown in a good film festival are resistant to commercial pressure. These films are the works of real artists who aim to give good messages or introduce new ideas that can change our perspective. Thus, film festivals breathe life into the real ideas of pure art.

A place for test screening

Over the decades, many filmmakers have used film festivals as a platform for test screenings. Based on the audience’s reaction after screening the movie at the film festival, filmmakers tend to edit their films before the commercial release. In addition, since the audience in the film festivals is likely to be more experienced or expert in films, filmmakers are more likely to get objective reviews that can be highly helpful.

Platform for learning

One of the most significant advantages of film festivals is that many offer engaging and exciting master classes that teach various aspects of filmmaking. These classes benefit both the filmmakers and the general public. As for the filmmaker, this is the perfect chance for them to promote their films to the public. And the people will get an opportunity to learn what goes behind the screen and how the film industry operates.

Moreover, many of the learning events organized by the film festival will give us insight into various pressing issues of the time. They may even conduct debates on critical issues faced by not just filmmakers but humanity as a whole. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for us to get varied perspectives on an issue and enable us to find a solution.

A place for networking

The film festival will bring together people interested in the field of film from different parts of the world. Attending a film festival will thus be the best opportunity to meet like-minded people, thus expanding your circle of influence. Regardless of your relationship with filmmaking, this is a terrific place to meet new people.

Platform to spot new talent

Film festivals are one of the best places to find pure talent. There are various instances where filmmakers find the perfect talent for a role from the festivals.

Film festivals

Promote tourism and local community

Any community with a film festival will know the artistic, cultural, and commercial development a festival brings. A film festival creates many job opportunities for the people surrounding it. We can understand how it helps the locals by the buzz surrounding the commercial buildings during festivals. Also, we need to mention the crowd in the hotels, restaurants, and snacks used by the attendees.

Thus, film festivals are vital to the industry to keep the spirit of the film experience alive.

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